• Costume rental(bride, groom)
  • Bride hair set and Make up
  • Dressing of costumes.
  • Photo shooting by photographer.
  • delivery of photographic data.
  • In the case of studio shooting, studio usage fee, location shooting in case of business trip fee.if the use fee is required at shooting location, please consult us separately.

Please let us know at least one week in advance. Booking 6-3monthes in advance is best. But if there is a place on the previous day, it may be possible to reserve. And the weekday are better. It is crowded on Saturdays and Sundays so we recommend early reservations.
In addition, we may not be able to make a reservation in the high season (cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves) two weeks in advance, so we recommend booking as soon as possible.

From the application, please check the flow page before shooting on the day of delivery, delivery.

Yes,of course. We can accept reservation applications only on the internet.
Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or contact form.

In payment, prepayment is the principle. Credit card or Paypal is available. If you wish to pay deposit and pay on the day, please contact us.

Regular orders are credit card (VISA, Master card, JCB) or Paypal (bulk only).
Those who wish to pay deposit and on the day can make inquiries in advance and payment by cash is also possible.

Yes, of course. It is possible. We will introduce plans that both can be worn, please contact us.

Yes, in almost all plans, a bride’s hair makeup is included in the set.
However, Groom is not included. If you wish, you will need a separate reservation, please contact us.

On the day of filming, please do not styling hair and no makeup. Please bring your hair dry.

Yes, It’s possible. However, We do not recommend it considering the effect on the fetus. Please note that you may get sick. Depending on the size of your stomach, information on costumes may be difficult.
Also, in the case of location shooting, the burden will also increase, so I’d like you to obtain a stable period and permission from your doctor.
Also, we ask you to fill out the consent form when you visit us.

Yes, it’s possible. Please tell us the number of people shot together.
It is free if you are coming with a customer being photographed (in the case of a location location you can collect in the field).

Is possible. However, there are places where pets do not enter depending on places. In principle, it is not possible in indoor studio.
In addition, we may ask you to accompany one person to a pet.
Depending on the size of your pet, you may be asked to move by another car.
Therefore, please contact us once in case of shooting with a pet.
Also, you can not hold hugs.

In the case of rainy days on the same day, there are also plans where you can postpone it or you can change it to shoot studio.
However, there are times when it is possible to shoot a location in a place with a corridor such as a roof.
If you are concerned, please contact us.

Although each area of the plan has been decided, if there is a place of your choice, please consult once.
For free, or paying area, we recommend you both. However, there are places not to enter.

Shiromuku(pure white kimono), Iro-uchikake(color wedding kimono) has no size. Breast and hip size is available except for those who are super-big.
Wedding dresses are also almost size compatible. However, since the range of corresponding sizes is somewhat different depending on each plan, we will guide you during plan introduction.
In case of groom, correspondence is possible up to about 74.8in(190 cm).
If you are (the bride and groom) so small that you can wear costumes unless it is big.
Also please contact us in advance if you are pregnant or special size or warry about your size.

It usually ranges from several days to a month. Also, it depends on plan and time, so if you are in a hurry please contact us

Also, if you have any questions not in the FAQ or any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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