Location of shooting in ‘Kyoto’ vol.1

●Location of shooting ‘Kyoto’

Location of ancient capital. It is a location shoot taking advantage of the scenery of Kyoto’s different seasons. You can choose from candidate sites.

Gion Tatsumibashi * Currently, shooting from the afternoon is prohibited.
The most popular location in kimono.It is the place which seems to be “Kyoto!”
You can shoot many pictures of Kyoto unique streets such as cobblestone stone pavement.

Nature Park
Popular location in both Japanese and Western style Photo Wedding.
Cherry blossoms and autumn leaves as well as fresh green etc can be taken very beautiful and spectacular photos.
It is a recommended location where you can take amazing photos at any time of shooting.

Tower of Yasaka
Shot on the back of the five-storied pagodas rising as a symbol of Kyoto!
It is a shoot at a location where cobblestone roads and shops like Kyoto · landscape lined up.

Kamogawa representing Kyoto.
Cherry blossoms along the river in spring are very beautiful places!
It is also recommended place for fresh green season.

Shinsen garden
It is a place where you can take pictures with atmosphere that is not in other places such as Hojobashi and Torii lantern, pond, Zennyoryuou.
If you cross the bridge with a single wishes in mind and wish to visit the famous Zennyoryuou, your wish will come true and it will be popular as a sightseeing spot.
* Please be reminded that there may be cases where photographing is impossible in the event of reservation, Shinsenen’s event.

One of Kyoto’s most famous sightseeing spots “Arashiyama” Cherry blossoms and Autumn leaves are beautiful throughout the year all year round, and you can take photos special like scenery of fantastic bamboo groves.
※ We will shoot firmly both the landscape of Arashiyama and the road of bamboo forest.


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Saturday ,Sunday ,Holiday JPY 300,000⇒ EverAfter Web price 26.6%Off JPY 220,000

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