Kimono style wedding in Tokyo

Kimono style wedding in Tokyo

It’s the wedding plan for two of Japanese style wedding ceremony. (Fee for 2 people).
We will be happy to assist you with your happy sunny day.

○ Corresponding area: Tokyo 23 wards
Shrines, temples, hotels, mansions, restaurants …, any wedding can be used.
It is a plan for two people wearing a wedding ceremony in Kimono. You can also use it as a plan for photo wedding.

〇 Course detail
Waso Wedding in Tokyo (Kimono style wedding)1hours (dressing, beauty )

Crested Hakama

Wedding kimono (Shiromuku or Iro-uchikake or Hiki-Furisode)
A set of accessories (sandals, bags, underwear etc.)
Hair set · Makeup
Kanzashi ( Hair ornament )

“for Two”
Dressing up

〇 Standard plan Web Price JPY 140000 (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 20,000 yen up)

After Kimono Wedding, we are planning to have dinner with after party or family.
A wedding kimono, a set of kimono accessories, a set of hair, makeup, to pulling up, it is a safe course that is all set.

○ Costume
For wedding costumes, you can choose from among Shiromuku, Iro-uchikake, and hiki-furisode.

Dressing up
Dressing of kimono in wedding costume is done so that it is not painful and does not collapse.
On the day of wedding ceremonies that tend to be nervous, you will not get lost and you can relax.

○ Hair set · Makeup
In accordance with your wishes, I will also decide by carefully asking the atmosphere and preferences of the bride.
Also experienced veteran staff can do it while advising recommended style.
Kimono makeup will finish according to your bride’s preference, such as natural color that does not become too white.
Because it is a perfect reservation system, you can concentrate on only one bride, so you can use it with confidence. Please do not hesitate to consult us for anything.

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