A special experience of wedding in a foreign land and raising a wedding abroad celebrates waiting for you.
In the European wedding ceremony, a special experience for the first time, including a history that has been genuinely valued tradition, culture and gastronomy that can feel romance, high quality romantic and fascinating surprises, including unexpected surprises you can do a lot.
The wedding is not a formal style, but an original wedding like a movie or a story.
Ever After will cherish the original wedding with the heart of blessing so that you can maximize your dreams and ideals while treating the images and preferences of yourself.

○ Schedule until the day of wedding (* reference example)

1 year ago ~

Step 1. 1 year ago – 6 months ago
Purpose: Determine the timing and place of wedding.
· Schedule (or time)
· Ceremonies, major visiting places, facility sites, churches
· Reporting and consultation to family members
· List guests

First of all, please tell us your request.
We arrange and guide some plans according to the contents of your request.
Since overseas business trips, who living abroad, who in distant areas such as districts also coordinate and arrange online without change, there is no problem. Please feel free to contact us.


6 ~ 3 monthes ago

Purpose: Determine the schedule of the trip and the wedding dress.
· Determine the location and schedule of the wedding ceremony. make a reservation.
· Determine the trip schedule. make a reservation.
· Decide on a tuxedo, a wedding dress.
· Started bridal esthetics
· pre-shooting in Japan

At this stage, we will also decide the travel schedule of your family and friends accompanying you.
And About after the wedding ceremony, we will also decide the plan of the after party and the case such as when they will act differently from the couple.


3 ~ 1 month ago

· Determine wedding details. (Decide options such as hair makeup, photo shooting, video shooting)
· Decide accessories to match wedding dress.
· Final confirmation of wedding ceremony contents, travel schedule etc


14th ~ 1 week ago

Start preparing for overseas travel.
· Detailed confirmation with person in charge
· Preparing overseas travel (packing), preparing foreign currency, subscribing to overseas travel insurance, preparing WiFi and SIM cards etc
· Bridal Esthetic, Hair Salon, Nail Salon, etc., the final stage of beauty finishing



· Bring your wedding dress into the back of the cabin, and leave it!

After party after returning home (after a few months of wedding · honeymoon)


For those who were unable to invite overseas weddings at the guest, we will make a party for the show.

You can plan after incorporating the original sensibility into the after party without being hooked by traditional customs.
You can rent a restaurant or a mansion, and free and original coordination is also possible.

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