The day of wedding, The happiest best day for you.
Professional bridal professionals worthy of beautiful and brilliant sunny days will support you with a sense of tension and sincerity.


Hair stylist and makeup artist will be in charge of beauty at hotel to stay at.
We will prepare to shine the beauty according to your taste and wedding dress of the day.



In the European wedding, please choose a tuxedo and a wedding dress designed to suit the atmosphere such as historic sights and streets with many cobblestones.
You will change it to the wedding costume that you brought from Japan.

OurAmazingWork-1-1170x780 Wedding dress

Classic Car

If it is changed, we will move to the ceremonial hall.
Depending on the area of the ceremony hall, you can prepare classic cars and the like that are perfect for a romantic atmosphere like coming to the movies. (* Extra charge)

Fachada Hotel NHC Palacio de Castellanos BODA_oFachada Hotel NHC Palacio de Castellanos BODA_o

Wedding ceremony

Along with the music you requested in advance, you are finally entering the ceremony.
The wedding ceremony will start.



When the ceremony is over, we have a toast with champagne and snacks, and the wedding ceremony is over.
After that, at a hotel, restaurant, etc, with a family, friends, guests enjoying the meal while having a party to share the excitement and happiness at home.

by professional photographer


A professional photographer who knows the local land in Europe can take pictures with beautiful sights and shooting locations. (* Extra charge)

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