When do you celebrate your wedding anniversary? Anniversary of wedding anniversary and name list Column

WWhen do you celebrate your wedding anniversary?

Are you married, how long have you remembered since marriage this year?
That day my wife pledged eternity love, a wedding anniversary.
Let’s celebrate each year to reconfirm your bonds and love.

〇How to count
Even if you remember the date of your wedding anniversary, you don’t remember how many years it is, do not you come?
The way of counting wedding anniversaries is the year 0 when you married. The year after marriage is the first marriage anniversary.
For example, if you get married in 2018 this year, 2019 will be the first anniversary of marriage, the second marriage in 2020, the marriage 10th anniversary in 2028.

〇A name
Each wedding anniversary has a name.
“Silver Wedding” in the 25th year anniversary, “Golden Wedding” in the 50th year is famous.
In Britain, the birthplace of the wedding anniversary, there is a custom of celebrating in 1 year unit until the 15th year, then 5 years after that, each with a nickname.
The name of the thing given to the wedding anniversary is attached.

〇In case
【1st year】 Paper Wedding
【2nd year】 Straw mower (cotton wedding)
【3rd year】 Leather wedding ceremony
【4 th year】 Flower wedding ceremony
【5th year】 Wedding ceremony
【6th year】 Ironwed style
【7th year】 Copper Wedding
【8th year】 rubber wedding ceremony
【9th year】 Porcelain wedding ceremony
【10 Years】 Tin Wedding (Aluminum Wedding)
【11th year】 Steel wedding ceremony
【12th year】 Silk wedding ceremony
【13 Years】 Race Wedding Ceremony
【14th year】 Ivory wedding ceremony
【15 Years】 Crystal Wedding Ceremony
【20th year】 Porcelain wedding ceremony (pottery wedding ceremony)
【25 Years】 Silver Wedding 25th Year Sends Silver Products
【30 Years】 Pearl Wedding Ceremony
【35 Years】 Coral Wedding Ceremony
【40 Years】 Ruby Wedding
【45 years】Sapphire wedding ceremony
【50 Years】 Send gold products in 50th year of golden wedding
【55 Years】 Emerald Marriage
【60 Years】 Diamond Marriage
In addition, overseas,
75 th year platinum
Year 80 oak
We will present wine in the 85th year.

〇Let’s convey love and celebrate!

Overseas wedding anniversary is basically a day to give gifts from husband to wife.
In Japan, we give gifts to each other and give presents from children and grandchildren.
A wedding anniversary is a good opportunity. It would be a wonderful wedding anniversary for both of you if you can communicate the love that you can not pass on obediently usually, or to opportunities to strengthen your bonds.

We will help you with something nice surprise and idea of ​​how to celebrate, in spite of you being busy.


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