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It is a location shoot that takes advantage of Japan’s unique seasonal scenery unique to Japan. You can choose from candidate sites.
We offer hair set and makeup by high quality costume · high quality photographer · top stylist at low price.

We will take photos of memorable pictures taking advantage of customer’s wishes and personality and the unique location in Japan.
Wedding kimono, western clothing wedding dresses, designs are also available in various costumes and you can shoot with your desired costume.
Wedding photographer ‘s experienced skilled photographer and bridal hair makeup stylist will be in charge.

Please feel free to contact us for any requests or questions, such as availability, plan details, rates, location etc.



According to your wishes

Our concierge will guide location shooting plan according to your desired content.We will inform you about plan details, fee and explanation by e-mail so please select shooting date and plan and apply.


Reception and payment

When the date and time of your choice are decided, we will send you an email with your reservation plan application.
Please reply to the e-mail or apply from the application screen URL listed in the e-mail. The reception will be completed.

Simultaneously with application, payment by credit card or Paypal please. Your reservation is now complete.


Concierge will accept consultation by e-mail

If you have detailed content or questions, we will discuss with e-mail.
The costume will be selected on the day of filming.


Enjoy being photographed


Select of costume, hair set and makeup, move to location, shooting

Please choose a style that suits you.


We have prepared carefully selected costumes including nice costumes decorating special days, many different silhouette wedding kimonos and gorgeous wedding clothes.
It is a heavy wedding kimono and costume that is also used for wedding ceremonies. Please choose your favorite costume to shine the picture.

Actually try on it, you can choose. You may find unexpected best by actually seeing it. Please choose a style that suits you.
Let’s decide the kimono convinced from self reflected in the mirror. Even strange kimono is safe because the staff will support.
Once you have decided on a kimono, you go with a hair makeup.

by professional dedicated staff


Hair makeup is selected according to the kimono or wedding dress you choose and yourself, please consult the stylist in front of the mirror to make it perfect for the image.

Photo shooting by a professional photographer


Please take a day that makes the shooting itself fun and memorable.
We will recommend taking pictures at points that will become pictures with a beautiful background behind. The relaxed and relaxing facial expressions of two people in nature.
The more shining is the attraction of location shooting.

Delivery of all cuts of shooting


We will deliver all shots of the shoots corrected in about 2 or 3 weeks on DVD.

※ The person who applied for the album (* option)
While viewing the cuts you have taken, select the photos you want to put in the album at home.
Shipping: After 40 to 60 days, by post, only one album will be delivered in the world.

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