Introduction - Wedding in Europe

Europe that keeps piling the history of eternity. Romantic castle and palace, sacred church of scenic high-class cityscape of culture …
The weddings swearing eternal love in such a charming place, such as a castle as seen in a fairy tale as a child, a church that appears in a picture book, etc.

If you celebrate the wedding ceremony, if you visit many times over and over, they are waiting for you kindly, a venerable place that will not change.
Would you like to create only one beautiful wedding in the world in Europe with such traditions and history?


About booking

As a general rule, European weddings are held in one to two pairs a day.
As a result, it is necessary to arrange with a relaxed schedule, compared to resort weddings in other countries and overseas weddings.
Because there is a real fact that there are many institutions that have a preference for their own couples, a couple who has a connection with the church from day to day in the local originally as one reason.
Sometimes The wedding schedule of the church is fully booked a few months ago because reservations of couples in their country will also enter in order.

So, as a guide to you, we recommend that you keep your wedding schedule and church or venue half a year ago, even late. A couple who inquires from a year ago is also increasing.
For this reason, if you are interested in a European wedding, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.


Wedding style

The wedding ceremony in Europe is roughly divided into three styles.

Legal / Civil


It is reccomended plan for couple who place emphasis on legal elements.
Based on the laws of the country, it is a formal wedding officially proved marriage at city hall etc.
It is characterized by being clearly stated in Japanese family register that the wedding ceremony was held in that country.
Because we will enter into the wedding ceremony at the local site, it is conditional that you are not enrolled until the day.

* The content and conditions may differ somewhat depending on country or city.
* Countries where formal wedding can be implemented: Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Malta, etc.

2.Blessing (blessing ceremony)
The “Blessing ceremony” mentioned in the Christian church is a wedding ceremony celebrated by the pastor (father).
Ii will perform a wedding ceremony at the real church which has been in history together with each region of Europe.
In a sacred atmosphere, we will do a strict wedding with a feeling of tension.
It is condition that couple have already been enrolled.

3. Symbolic (people ceremony)

It is reccomended plan for couple who wish a wedding without religious.
Professional choreographers, venues, ceremonies and masters will perform wedding ceremonies at historical castles and palaces, first-class hotels, historic manor houses and so on.
In addition, it is recommended for couple who wish to take photographs after the wedding ceremony.
Entry not completed, no entry is accepted.

In addition to this, a photo wedding is also popular plans to shoot photos in tuxedo and wedding dresses in European cities with honeymoon or private trips.


Our service


We are not a travel agency but a team of wedding planners who specialize in wedding planning. Arrangement, coordination and other projects are offered exclusively.
As a result, you can arrange for free without arranging a dinner at hotel restaurant or a lodging at hotel as much as there is no operating profit due to distraction with the hotel or accommodation or brokerage fee.
Of course, there are many excellent plans for the hotel wedding ceremony. (* There are conditions etc. in case of hotel wedding ceremony)

For example, you can make reservations for your accommodation at your destination freely by using the hotel reservation site or the private hotel website where people are using more recently.
You can also organize plans to celebrate weddings as you and your two families relax relaxingly to live in Europe.

Also, what we will guide on our web page is overall information. We will guide you according to your request and image, so please feel free to contact us.
If you contact us, we can guide you individually so that you can see specific places and photos.

In addition, our characteristics are coordinating and booking all services with internet specialty.
Even couple who do not want to go to the city center in the distance and do not want to pay the cost can realize the ideal wedding while holding down the time and cost to consult us.
In addition, we can also provide services to customers without expensive high-rent buildings in the city center or expensive advertising expenses, so we will set the fee appropriately for our customers accordingly can do.

We think the Wedding is the biggest milestone in life, a very significant event, in any age.

We want you to celebrate the start of marriage with blessings, fulfilling dreams, ideals, images, without saying wedding ceremonies and photo-only weddings, not to mention wedding ceremonies for such new entries .
This is a wish from our heart.

As you can realize as much as possible of your image and hope,
And even after the wedding ceremony … (Ever After) we will help you create a beautiful eternal wedding that will remain in your memories.

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