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Match making services International marriage for Japanese and foreigners

我们为海归和国际学生,海外任务和商务旅行以及希望在全球生活方式,海外或日本寻找婚姻伴侣的人提供机会。 一个婚姻婚姻代理机构,在您结婚之前一直为您提供支持。
We provides a matchmaking service of marriage for men and women who are serious about marriage and who wish to marry an international marriage, japanese, or foreigners each other.
We provide opportunities for returnees and international students, overseas assignments and business trips, and those who want to find a marriage partner in a global lifestyle or overseas or in Japan. A marriage marriage agency that supports your marriage until your marriage.

Matchmaking of marriage 婚介
Marriage support 婚姻支援
Wedding planning 婚礼策划(日本/欧洲)
Wedding dress 定制婚纱

Plan for marriage with 7 steps

这是我们对您结婚的支持和基本步骤。Here are our support and basic steps to your marriage.

  • Step 1:我们会询问您对伴侣的渴望以及对婚姻的想法。
  • Step 2:我们将根据您的要求搜索并介绍人。
  • Step 3:如果您找到喜欢的合作伙伴,我们将进行会议设置。
  • Step 4:如果您同意并且彼此喜欢,则可以继续陪伴。
  • Step 5: 如果决定结婚,求婚! 恭喜你们订婚。
  • Step 6: 您已注册婚姻,也将根据需要搬家。
  • Step 7: 您已结婚。 恭喜你!

Columns 日本的国际婚姻

PRICING定价 会员资格(仅会员内容)

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