PRICING| Membership(Only members contents メンバー限定です。)

Standard Membership / 1960 USD

Concierge will accept consultation by e-mail

If you have detailed content or questions, we will discuss with e-mail.

e-mail adress:

Contact form お問合せフォーム:Contact Us


Registration requirements 登録の必要事項

◆ Eligibility (* for both men and women)

1, Those who are single in law and real life and seriously want to marry
2. Those who can submit the necessary documents and pay the admission fee when joining
3. Those who are healthy both mentally and physically and have common sense

To join Ever After, we will verify your identity.
* Be careful with consulting offices, matching apps, and sites that accept online membership without submitting official documents.

Enrollment is limited to those who can confirm the identity of the individual and who have confirmed their willingness to marry and personality through direct contact.

◆ Necessary documents
(1) Photo (taken within 6 months)
(2) Official single certificate (or necessary certificate within 3 months)
(3) Certificate of final education (diploma, etc.)
(4) Certificate of employment (social insurance card) / For business owners, a certified copy of the register
(5) Annual income certificate (final tax return, salary details, etc.)
(6) Membership application form stipulated in our site * Sent when applying.
For foreigner
In addition to the above documents, the following documents are required.
(7) Residence card
(8) Marriage requirements certificate


1, 法律上も実生活においても独身で、結婚を真剣に希望される方
2, 入会に際して、必要な書類をご提出いただき、入会金をお支払いできる方
3, 心身とも健康で、一般常識のある方

Ever Afterのご入会には、ご本人の身元確認をさせていただきます。


(1) お写真(6カ月以内に撮影したもの)
(2) 公的独身証明書(または3か月以内に必要なもの)
(3) 最終学歴証明書(卒業証書など)
(4) 在職証明書(社会保険証,) 事業主・経営者の方は登記簿謄本
(5) 年収証明書(確定申告書,給与明細等)
(6) 弊サイト規定の入会申込書 ※お申込み時にお送りします。

Contact us

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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