Matchmaking of marriage けっこんのえんむすび

Have you ever wanted to marry internationally after traveling or studying abroad? Have you longed for an international marriage with a foreigner? Have you ever felt anxious about the future of your friendship?At our marriage counseling offices where people with a sense of purpose for “marriage” meet, the purpose is the same from the beginning, so you don’t have to worry about whether you want to get married until you reach your goal. We also specialize in foreigners and those who wish to marry, so you can find a partner that suits your purpose. Because it is just one important life, we will help you find a partner who seriously thinks about international marriage and step up to marriage.

About our philosophy 運営方針

We are wondering little bit the reality of old style marriage agencies that introduces a partner with an annual income like a price tag.

Here are some of the reasons for telling this. It is about the amount of annual income.
Because, in fact (in terms of employee workers), long-term employment and minimum wages are guaranteed in Japanese society in Japan, but the legal system is different in foreign countries.
Next year, it may not be that annual salary.In addition, not only land and rent, but also food and basic living costs depend on the country or region (or individual). Therefore, even if the annual income is slightly lower than in a foreign country, there may not always be a proportional relationship between the affluence of life and the adequacy of living.
Therefore, we believe that referrals that emphasize only the annual income figures need to be carefully considered.



We don’t think that only the people who are labourer are in the profession of everyone, so we want to offer you more pure encounters.
Specifically, for example, why do not you try to find a partner that starts from something common, such as tastes and hobbies, favorite actions and eating habits, lifestyle habits and values ​​about life each other?
Of course, the most important thing is that marriage is the purpose. We want to find a serious marriage your partner, but we feel some doubt or discomfort at a old style marriage agency that like as the price tag and trades …
In order to respond to your wishes such a pure sense, we have founded to provide a purer encounter as an opportunity.
Every little thing starts with the first step and then the path to new happiness.Why don’t you take that step with us?
We will do our utmost to support you as a marriage manager and counseler dedicated to your happiness.

Match making 結婚紹介

About Ever After marriage agency.(Match making service).

If you search for a marriage counselor for international marriage, there are services that vary in price depending on the country of origin and occupation, and marriage counselors that limit the country of origin. For Ever After, there is no difference in price depending on your country of origin, nationality, age and occupation, etc. The usage fees are clearly listed, so please consider using them with confidence. Not only the first marriage, but also those who wish to remarry and those who have children can join. For those who want to avoid exposure on the Internet, we do not disclose information on the website. Please contact us with confidence.
Ever After の結婚相談所(マッチングサービス)について。
国際結婚で結婚相談所を探した場合に、出身国や職業などの背景で料金が違うサービスや、出身国を限定した結婚相談所があります。私どもEver Afterは、ご出身や国籍、ご年齢、職業などで料金が異なることはございません。ご利用料金は明確に掲載されていますので、安心してご利用を検討ください。初婚の方はもちろん、再婚をご希望の方、お子様をお持ちの方などもご入会いただけます。またインターネットで露出を避けたいという方のために、Webサイト上で情報公開をしないよう対応しております。安心してご相談ください。

Support service after marriage is also possible ご成婚の後のサポートサービスも可能です。

We also offer services to support specific marriage notifications and overall procedures required for international marriages.具体的な結婚のための届け出や国際結婚に必要な手続き全般をサポートするサービスもご用意しています。

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Life is more wonderful when you can be confident that someone loves you. We do not select customers by nationality or age.
It is our pleasure to be able to help you so that your international marriage dreams will come true.

Steps to Goal

Join Ever After 入会


Register as a member.Ever Afterの会員として登録

First time we met お見合い


Introducing members that match your wishes. After that, if you want to meet each other, set the match.

You fall in love each other 交際へ


If you like each other, just go on companionship. お互いに気に入っていただけましたら、そのまま交際に進みます。

You decied to marry! 婚約、ご成婚


If the relationship goes smoothly, the two will decide to engage.Plan your wedding and celebrate with your family, friends, and the people who helped you.
Congratulations on your marriage!

Join with us

Information about membership registration. We will do our best to support your dream of international marriage. ”There is no time like the present. ” Please feel free to contact us.会員登録についてご案内いたします。私たちは全力であなたの国際結婚の夢をサポートいたします。「思い立ったが吉日。」お気軽にお問合せください。

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Match making service 国際結婚の結婚紹介所

We provide matchmaking services for international marriages. We support international marriages for foreign and Japanese couples, foreign comrades living in Japan, and long-distance romance for those who live overseas and those who live in Japan.私たちは、国際結婚の結婚紹介、結婚相談サービスです。外国人と日本人、また日本在住の外国人、海外在住の方と国内在住の方のための国際結婚をサポートします。

The first step to happiness in international marriage 国際結婚でしあわせへのはじめのステップを

Do you feel cramped with values that are fixed to your age, your background and your gender? If you are an international marriage, you may be able to find your potential with a broader perspective. Why don't you take the first step for your dream in an international marriage? Now, in 2019, know the fact that in Japan, 1 in 30 people is an international marriage.!

Wedding Planning & Wedding Dress ウェディングサービス

You can use only the matching service, but we also offer a wedding service after marriage.
For two people who want to make their commitments and dreams come true, we offer original wedding planning and custom-made wedding dress sales in Japan and overseas.

Bride candidate 花嫁候補

Woman 1542 Researcher
Woman 1554 Dermatologist
Woman 1544 Game tester
Woman 1574 Secretary

Bridegroom candidate 花婿候補

Man 1517 Web Developer
Man 1513 Staff Manager
Woman 1522 Physician
Woman 1525 Artist
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  • In Japan, many people aim for international marriage.In Japan, late marriage and unmaritalization are ongoing, and if you miss the marriage period, it is difficult to get married as you wish.If that happens, there are an increasing number of people who change their perspectives and watches foreigners.日本では、国際結婚を目指している人は少なくありません。日本では晩婚化、非婚化が進行中で、婚期を逃すと、思い通りの結婚は難しくなっています。そうなると、視点を変えて海外や外国人に向ける方が増えています。
    Pedro , Photographer
  • 国際結婚を目指す人の中には、マッチングアプリや国際交流会、外国語レッスンなどを利用して、独自の活動でパートナーを探す人もいますが、そうした遠回りな方法が苦手という人も少なくありません。また、アプリや交流会に来るタイプとは違うタイプの外国人との出会いを求めている人もいます。そうした国際結婚希望者を助けてくれるのが、国際結婚をターゲットとするEver Afterです。Some people who seek international marriage use matching apps, international exchange meetings, foreign language lessons, etc. to find partners through their own activities, but there are many who are not good at such a detour.There are also people who want to meet foreigners who are different from those who come to apps and exchanges.Ever After's counselor who targets international marriages helps those who wish to get married.
    Cate, Nurse
  • There are many people who are longing for an international marriage but are giving up because they have no good encounters. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, international marriages account for about 3.3% of the total, but over the past 20 years, the proportion of couples with foreign spouses has increased in Japan. 国際結婚に憧れるけれど、良い出会いが無くて諦めているという人も多いのでは?厚生労働省によれば、国際結婚は全体の3.3%程度ですが、この20年で外国人の伴侶を持つご夫婦の割合は増えているのです。
    Diana, Writer
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Our Services

We will fully support international marriage according to your wishes. Please do not hesitate to contact us.あなたの希望に合わせて国際結婚を全力でサポートいたします。ご遠慮なくお問い合わせください。

Contact us

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