A. We’ll refund the money into your PayPal account or credit card.

A. It depends on customs duty of your country. For details, please contact your public office in your country.

A. You can check the shipping fee on the order confirmation e-mail. It is calculated by the weight of your package.
Also, if you would like to check before ordering, please check the delivery page for details.

A. It takes about 3 to 5 days by Express, 6 to 13 days by Standard, 14 to 21 days by Economy.

A Yes, you can. Please enter the tracking number in the search box on the tracking page of Japan Post.
The tracking number will be provided in an email sent after confirming the order.

A.Yes We’d be glad to. We can ship worldwide. Please check the details on this page.

A Yes, we can. Please select Express on the order page.
You can receive ordered items earlier than standards and economies. The fee is calculated according to package weight and delivery method.

A. On the official website of Japan Post, you can check the location of your package by tracking number.
In most cases, it is highly likely that you are in your local post office because you were away during delivery.

A .Yes, We’ll be happy to. Please send us details to our e-mail or contact form.

A. If you don’t use it, you can return it. Please check the return policy of this page for details.

A. If it is before shipping, you can change or cancel.Please send us details to our e-mail or contact form.

As our general rule, you can cancel if it is before shipping. Since we will send a shipping completion e-mail, it will be a period that can be canceled before sending the e-mail.

However ,If you want to change or cancel after shipping, please contact us first as soon as possible.
Also, since the item is being shipped, please pick it up there. Then please return the package without opening it.
We will refund the cost of the item to you. However, we do not cover shipping and processing costs for returns.

If you want to change the item please order again from our website.
For more details, please see the page of payment and returns.

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